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What Drives Us


Our modern-day heroes don’t wear capes. Instead, they wear slobber and fur. At BBCR, we receive emails about dogs in urgent situations from volunteers all over the U.S. Sometimes these precious pups are just hours away from being euthanized, so, like canine crusaders, we do everything in our power to take these dogs from death row and unite them with the families they were meant to be with.

From personality to pedigree, we make it our mission to help our adopters and canines find their perfect match. When you complete our adoption application you are giving us the tools we need to make a lasting connection.

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Become a Foster

We need fosters! Foster care is essential to the success of our rescue and a great way to help dogs in need. Removing a dog from the stressors of a shelter environment makes pets more comfortable, helping them to overcome fears, build trust and let their personalities shine so they can thrive in a home setting. In addition to providing daily love and affection our fosters help dogs with potty and crate training, basic obedience and leash manners. This greatly increases a rescue’s chances of finding its forever family!

Become a Volunteer

Would you like to help our organization but can’t commit to adopting or fostering a pet? We are always looking for volunteers to help with a variety of tasks at our Windsor shelter and beyond! Whether it be taking a shelter dog out for a day of fun, doing a virtual home visit or helping to host an adoption event we appreciate any time you’re willing to take out of your daily life to help dogs in need. Click here to find out more about all the volunteer opportunities we have available for adults and children alike!

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