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Adopt App Registration Email

Thank you for joining Big Bones Canine Rescue’s Adoption Portal! If you haven’t already, please make note of your username and password. You will need these credentials to complete an adoption!

A few notes:

● You only need one application and one account for all of our dogs. Creating more than one account/applicationwill result in a delay in processing your application.
● You’re welcome to log in to check the status of your application and adoption requests at any time. Log in
● If you’d like to submit another adoption request, simply click “Apply for xx” and it will add your request after logging in.
● If you notice a dog you applied for is no longer listed on the website, it means that the dog has enough applications. You will receive an email when the dog has been adopted.

Application Received Email

Your adoption application has been submitted for review. A team member will be reaching out shortly. Please besure to check your spam folder for any correspondence regarding your application.

While you wait, if the dog you’re interested in is no longer visible on the website, it means we have enough applications for that dog. In the event the dog gets adopted by another family, you’ll receive an email notification letting you know that he/she is no longer available. At any time, if you’d like to request more dogs, simply click “Apply for xx” on our website. It will ask you to log in and then the adoption request will be added automatically to your account. This is the easiest way to get information on a particular dog, since the request will go directly to the foster/volunteer for that dog.

Application Approved Email


After careful review of your application, we are pleased to inform you of your approval for adoption from Big Bones Canine Rescue! As you may already know, BBCR is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, run by over 500 volunteers. The success of our rescue, in its mission to help dogs in need, relies on finding loving homes for the dogs in our care and we’re excited this could be with you!

What happens next?

A foster or volunteer should be reaching out shortly to discuss the dog(s) you’re interested in. Please be awarethat there will likely be other families meeting the same dog as you. We do not place by First Come First Served, but rather by Best Fit. Some fits are more obvious than others and we’ll do our best to make the most successful match we can!

If the dog is at our facility, a BBCR volunteer will reach out to you to make an appointment to meet the dog. The facility is a very high energy environment due to the number of dogs there. Please keep your children away from the fences and leave all resident dogs in the vehicle until asked to take them out. While it is important for dogs to meet prior to adoption, this environment may be a stressful one for some dogs, so please discuss necessary dog introductions prior to your appointment to ensure accommodations can be made.

If the dog is in foster, you’ll be contacted by the foster family to tell you their experience with temperament, habits, any special needs, etc. Feel free to ask any and all questions. If you want to meet the dog, you’ll set up a time to do so. The majority of meets will happen at the foster’s home as this is where the dog is most comfortable and you can better see their personalities. Please discuss with the foster parent any dogs you intend to bring to the meeting. Upon arrival, please leave any resident dogs in your vehicle until an appropriate plan has been made for a successful introduction.

Adoption Email

When a match has been made, it’s time to ADOPT! Our foster families facilitate the adoption of their foster dogsand will assist you through the process. Adoption of a dog from our facility is generally done at the facility itself. Most adoptions happen at the time of a successful meet and greet or within a few days following it. Please do not ask your foster family or the rescue facility to hold a dog for you beyond this time frame. While a day or two is perfectly reasonable, a week or more is not. We would prefer they start bonding with you as soon as possible!

You WILL need your AnimalsFirst login information to complete the adoption paperwork, so please come prepared. Payment is made online through your AnimalsFirst portal via credit card. This ensures that all payments are recorded properly and receipts sent out accordingly. Be aware that there is a service fee in addition to the adoption fee. This allows us to use the amazing software in our possession and cuts out the cost of credit card fees (which were upwards of $20,000 in 2020! That’s a lot of money that could have gone to medical care!)

Adoption Fees

Our adoption fees vary based on numerous factors including age, breed, and health. Adopted dogs will be microchipped, altered, and current on vaccines. We do our best to address any known medical concerns, but if you feel that a health concern was missed, please contact us at Be aware that we WILL NOT pay for any veterinary appointments/care without this notice.


Your new dog’s records will be available via your account. Simply log in, click the dog’s name and the records will be in the Documents tab. If you’re unable to find them, please check with your foster family prior to emailing us about medical records as this is the fastest approach. We do NOT send out the physical rabies tag for adopted dogs. You will, however, see a rabies vaccination certificate in their Documents that should suffice for proof of vaccination when required.

Need more options?

You’re welcome to submit adoption requests for any dogs that interest you! Simply click “Apply for xx” and log into complete an adoption request. Please do not make a second account to do so as that certainly slows the process down for all involved.

Adoption Request Received Email

Your adoption request for [animal_name] has been submitted for review. A team member will be reaching out shortly to discuss if it’s a good match or not.

Request Approved Email

Congratulations! Your request to adopt [animal_name] has been approved.

Please log into to complete the adoption contract and payment. Use the Requeststab at the top to find your dog’s name, click on the name and follow the prompts to sign the contract.

Records for [animal_name] will be viewable in your portal, under Documents. If you’re unable to locate them, please contact us at

Animal No Longer Available Email

Thank you for your interest in [animal_name]! Unfortunately, [animal_name] is no longer available. The good news for you is that there are so many more that need a loving family like yours! Please consider visiting our website to view other possible matches. Simply click “Apply for xx” and log in to your AnimalsFirst account to submit an adoption request for that dog. You will hear from a volunteer shortly!

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